That’s no big deal

We’re not offended that you don’t think it’s a big deal! A lot of schools, parents and communities are unaware of the mental health crisis that is facing adolescents today.

We DO think it’s a big deal and have a fantastic, proven tool that improves the mental health and confidence of teenagers.


Most teenagers focus on what is wrong with them…

I’m not pretty. I’m dumb. I wish I was funny. I’m no good at sport. That other kid is better than me. I get nervous talking to people. I’m not a confident person. I don’t have anything going for me. Sometimes I think the world would be better without me in it. I sometimes cut myself. I use substances to help me cope. I don’t like my personality.

And most parents, teachers, adults try to convince them that they are seeing themselves all wrong! But it just sounds like empty words to them.

So, when a teenager takes a professional psychological “strengths assessment” and are told what their Top 5 strengths are, suddenly they are viewing themselves through different eyes. They hear and actually believe that “I have some good qualities”. That’s what we’re passionate about: help adolescents learn what is RIGHT with them.