Our Programs

Young & Confident brings positive psychology into your school with 2 program options:



  • MyStrengths for staff
  • 120 mins
  • Strength-based schooling Seminar
  • MyStrengths Assessment
  • Faculty insights & group discussion
  • Beautiful “MyStrengths pack”
  • Adopting strengths across the school
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Awards/Prizes given!

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Year 10


  • 80-110 mins
  • Class-sized groups (30 at a time)
  • “What’s right with me” Seminar
  • MyStrengths Assessment
  • Team of 4 coaches
  • Beautiful “MyStrengths pack”
  • Personalised “Parents pack”
  • Small group consultation
  • School insight report

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Year 7


  • 80-110 mins
  • Class-sized groups (30 at a time)
  • 4 Things Resilient People Do
  • Negative vs Positive self talk
  • Responses to bullying
  • Know yourself, grow yourself
  • MyCharacter Assessment
  • Beautiful “My Top strengths” pack
  • Take home Resilience Pack

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MyStrengths Program, for Year 10:

Most teens know what is wrong with them – we see high anxiety, low self esteem, self doubt and negative self talk. At 15-16yrs old, students are wrestling with their identity, experiencing physical & psychological changes, and making big decisions about their future. Most go through these years having little idea of who they are or what their natural personality strengths are.

Our mission is to bring a transformational shift in the way teenagers see themselves – taking off the negativity lens and replacing it with a strengths lens. Every single one of us are unique and have strengths in our personality – we just need to discover what they are.

MyResilience Program, for Year 7:

Starting High School can be daunting. Students face challenges and stress that they haven’t had before. New relationships, increased school work, bullying and simply entering the teenage years make year 7 one of the toughest years. The MyResilience Program gives students the tools they need to build confidence and resilience. We build from a strengths platform, looking at critical issues like self talk, responses to hardship, and breaking through quitting points.

MyResilience is delivered by our Young & Confident team who share powerful stories, the 4 resilience principles and lead students in an introductory strengths assessment to help teenagers build confidence from a young age. It is usually run as a 80-100 minute incursion, one-class group at a time.

Staff Professional Development:

Dan Hardie and the Young & Confident team offer one of the most positive, life-giving experience your staff could do this year. Using the MyStrengths Assessment, teachers are led to discover their own Top 5 strengths. Our team will lead them in faculty discussion groups, as they share their strengths with each other, enhancing mutual understanding and positive insights into their staff relationships. We look at how we can adopt a strengths-mentality across the school and reframe the way we view students.


Where so many teens obsess with what’s wrong, the positive psychology movement is bringing huge benefits by helping young people focus on what is right. Schools are getting on the front foot with mental health and student wellbeing with powerful insights from a psychology of strengths. Enquire HERE.