"MyStrengths has been the most effective program we have used for growing resilience and confidence. Highly recommended." Sue Foxcroft, Deputy Principal, Brigidine College

Our high school strength-based programs help students:


Students who discover their strengths grow confidence in who they are as a person, boosting self esteem and changing self perception.


Every single person has unique talents, skills & strengths – and many can’t recognise that. We help teens find & celebrate their own uniqueness, focusing on the great things within each individual.

Improve their mental health

Students who discover their strengths have their focus shifted from what is wrong with them to what is actually right with them!


Students who discover their strengths are better equipped to make decisions about subjects, career and personal life.

  • Self worth, confidence & identity:

    The “Who am I?” question is huge for teens. Research shows that 80% admit to feelings of depression, anxiety and/or low self esteem. AND, most schools & parents find it difficult to know how to help.


    The “Do I like myself?” question is even bigger. One of the most common statements from teenagers to mental health professionals is, "I don't like who I am". On the rise is teen suicide, crime and self-harm. They know what's wrong with them. But how many know what is right with them?


    “What do I do in the coming years?” is a question causing 72% of 16 year olds significant stress and angst. There are so many subject choices, career pathways, job options. Which path is right for me? If they knew their strengths, they would be better informed, self aware and self determining.

Seminars. Talks. These are cheaper. But none of them bring the personalised service we do. Our science-based psychology and insights make our programs deep. Insightful. Transformational.

How it works

Young & Confident come to you.

Strengths in Schools

Professional Development


  • Taking a strengths approach
  • 120 minutes
  • Strength-psychology Insights
  • **MyStrengths Assessment**
  • Team of coaches
  • Faculty group discussion
  • Beautiful packs
  • Fun! Laughter! Encouragment!
  • Personal wellbeing
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*Most Popular

Year 10

  • 80-110 mins
  • Class-sized groups (30 at a time)
  • MyStrengths seminar
  • **MyStrengths Assessment**
  • Team of 4 coaches
  • Personalised Insights
  • Take home packs
  • Small group consultation
  • Whole Year report

MyResilience PROGRAM


Year 7

  • 80-110 mins
  • Class-sized groups (30 at a time)
  • 4 Things Resilient People Do
  • Negative vs Positive Self Talk
  • Response to bullying
  • Know yourself, grow yourself
  • *MyCharacter Assessment*
  • Beautiful MyCharacter cards
  • Take home Resilience Pack

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Our Team

Dan Hardie
Cofounder and Strengths Coach
A high school teacher for 7 years, Dan has authored 4 books for adolescents. He left teaching to nationally lead a charitable organisation which works with children at risk in developing countries. They publish programs and products that bring hope and healing. With a further degree in Counselling, Dan has committed to a practice of Positive Psychology, writing the MyStrengths Assessment and seeing tens of thousands adopt a strengths-view of themselves and their world. He writes at danhardie.com
Jools Hardie
Cofounder and Strengths Coach
Jools is the cofounder of Young & Confident. She has over 10 years experience working in the community welfare sector. She spent 4 years working with at-risk adolescents in Sydney’s East and working as a case manager with people who have a mental health diagnosis. Jools led a thriving youth ministry with her local church and is an quality speaker and presenter. Jools is an excellent strengths coach and works well with adolescent girls.
Dave Standen
Strengths Coach
Dave is well known in the Sutherland Shire as a speaker, presenter and community leader. He pioneered the local “Frog Crew” youth service in Cronulla and has been instrumental in helping troubled teenagers find a better life. Dave has been working with adolescents for over a decade and brings his expertise to the strengths field.
Rory Darkins
Positive Psychologist
With a Psychology honours, Rory’s research and coaching is all about helping people find their areas of peak performance. In particular, his expertise helps people understand and apply positive psychology to elite sport. His honours research saw him interview some Australia’s best cricket leaders, bringing him opportunity to present at the Canadian and Australian Positive Psychology Conferences. With us, Rory helps teens discover their strength areas.

"MyStrengths has been the most effective program we have used for growing resilience and confidence. Highly recommended." Sue Foxcroft, Deputy Principal, Brigidine College